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Hd coinbazze loggs. My tele @ thezzhacker

Dictionary - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. This is a dictionary file with all the words ever

2022.01.26 08:58 kijana_mpole Hd coinbazze loggs. My tele @ thezzhacker

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2022.01.26 08:58 Dumbkoreantrader Lost login info to my account, just wondering if I had any good cards.

Username lemontree24601. Didn't pay for anything, just traded my way up. Are there any rare cards?
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2022.01.26 08:58 mtglozwof Respect Riven (Dreamwalker)


"Not a chance, its in my way and it will be going down."
Kyle Solis was born a slave in the Azioc Mines of his homeworld, at a young age he was swept up into a rebel group bent on escaping. After failing time and time again to escape Kyle's rage was to much, in his desire to cut down the guards so he could be free he unlocked his uniuqe ability: cutting. Soon after though, a breach to the nightmare realm formed in the mines with the Dreamwalkers arriving to stop it they soon recruited Kyle, who began going by Riven, into their ranks. Years later he has become a jaded soldier of the Walkers, often training new recruits and protecting them from the various dangers they face.
Stat Level
Magic Power 16
Magic Complexity 1
Mana Capacity 11
Mana Regen 11
Physique 17
Agility 11
Endurance 17
An explanation of each stat
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2022.01.26 08:58 lilhornsby008 I know I struggle with medical professionals, but am I over reacting?

Okay, Reddit, hear me out. And pardon me in advance if this becomes convoluted and I miss my own point.
Background: 33 white uninsured female. I am terrified of medical stuff. Dentist, Gyno, [adult] Pediatrician (idk what that's called.. "doctor?" lol) etc. I have been fortunate enough to have not needed any medical attention since that last physical they give you to attend high school (2007).

So here it goes:
I had a cavity. Never had one before. And it got so big and painful to the point that I finally went to my childhood dentist in so much pain and begged him to help me with the options moving forward to fix said tooth and pain. I have terrible anxiety especially when it comes to doctors. Since I was young, I haven't needed help from any professionals in telling myself that I am lesser than and that I don't deserve [insert something humans deserve, like health care here]. No, I don't disclose this to doctors, I don't risk embarrassment of disclosing information about myself.
My childhood dentist, we'll call him Rick. Rick takes me back and sits me in a chair and X-rays my face and then tells me that it's okay, that they'll have to pull the tooth. As he reads the horror on my face (I've never so much as had a hair cut in 10 years let alone a tooth extraction) he continues to tell me a story of how he doesn't have his back molar and that it will be okay and no I won't have to sell my home to live in a trailer if I'm missing a tooth etc. He also explains that he can't perform the surgery there and that he'd refer me to a colleague of his, an oral surgeon. We'll call him Steve. He said he understood I don't have insurance and he will make a call to Steve and let him know that I had been referred by Rick. Rick then proceeded to have his dental staff clean my teeth free of charge and the office had a good laugh letting everyone look in my mouth to see this cavity that is so big I could selfie it on snapchat. I felt good.
A decade plus of ignoring medical problems because taking off work without paid vaca or insurance was frowned upon and I have this ultimate passion life to just be "worthy." So my main question when doing anything is "will this affect anyone around me" and if so.. I just stay home. I probably need medical help for that but like.. who's paying? lol I digress..

I schedule the appointment to get my tooth pulled. They explain that there are two different procedures for tooth extraction. I can get put down and bring a driver and be unconscious or I can be numbed and awake. Having no medical reference or opinion to go on, I just asked educated questions: How long does it take, can I use Lyft for my spare driver, what option is typically used for a tooth extraction, etc. I went with getting numbed and awake as I could only schedule myself out of my store for 2 hours of the day. (I'm the general manager of a sandwich shop post pandemic, I work 8am-10pm men-sat).

I go to the office, and pay up front for the tooth. My mom comes with me for support. They call me back and I look at my mom that look kids make "come with me" and the lady told her we're just doing X-rays first so she could come back in a minute...
They put me in the chair and my phone starts blasting, it's lunch rush and I left my store with a 19 year old girl in charge, she's freaking out with questions and stress. I try to tap out the fire and concentrate my teeth. The doctor comes in, and takes the little paper they put in your mouth to X-ray and says "hold this".. and I'm taken aback.. the last dentist just put the thing in there and it stayed in. I hesitate and he says "put your finger in there and hold it, no don't push it back stay still" and I do it hastily.. start gagging.. like can I wash my own hand first, or have a glove like yours? Why are you snapping at me, do you expect me to understand the angles at which you are Photographing me? Why is my own dirty finger in my mouth right now? Etc.
He holds his hands out and hurry me to give him the piece out of my mouth, that I'm struggling to pull out.. bc I'm not a porn star and opening my mouth more than like.. an inch or two in diameter is difficult. He takes the thing.. and leaves. I pull out my phone one last time to remind my staff they they have an emergency number if they need anything and that I have to go.

They walk in to the next room and the nurses sit me down and just have me rinse my mouth. I had no idea the procedure was starting right away. A lady shut the door and got close to my face and explained that the doctor wasn't always very nice and that he wasn't a fan of cell phones, so I should hide mine. I explained that I would like 30 seconds to send that emergency contact text to my store and she was sympathetic. The doctor walked in and saw me on my phone and didn't greet me or introduce himself he said "go ahead and put your phone down, you'll be okay without it for ten minutes" as if I'm 19 years old! ... They even told me they all thought I was 19 years old! I am in my mid thirties. Does it even matter? Does being a teenager warrant blatant disrespect? He talked to me as if I was texting my boyfriend real quick and not my hardworking staff who all came together to work so I could have this time off.
After I had my phone taken away, he starts to poke in my mouth and numb me up. I have a big bridge thing in my teeth so I can't clamp shut or talk very well. He's saying "does this hurt" and the first time, it did not hurt so I said "uh uh". After a few more does this hurt questions, it started to hurt, painfully. He asked "does this hurt" and I tried to say "uh huh" but was unable to because of the thing holding my mouth open, so he kept going and I tried to protest "I don't know how to say yes, yes it hurts" and he said "WELL IF YOU DON'T KNOW IT HURTS, IT MUST NOT HURT" And the fear took over. bc I was trying to say it hurts it hurts and he wasn't understanding or stopping to understand and he kept going.

Within 5 minute of that I was sobbing. not like the crying you do when something is uncomfortable or painful, but sobbing. loudly while he tells me to "just sit still" and that I'm numb so it's not like I feel anything.. I felt a lot.. I re contemplated ever wanting babies it was so violating. I left with my face covered in tears, hearing a whole staff of nurses saying "that poor thing" as if I was deaf.

I spent the next few hours crying and contemplating checking into a 48 hour psych hold. I had to close my store for the evening (I've never had to do that.) He called back 4 hours later for follow up. He just asked how I am doing and I said "well my mouth doesn't hurt, but I'm still a little upset, you were very abrasive the way you spoke and interacted with me"

Instead of apologizing or feigning ignorance.. I would've accepted "oh I didn't realize, im sorry" even.. he just replied and said

"well you should've been put under for the procedure"
and when I protested and said excuse me? I asked the pertinent questions, I picked the brains on which was more common, I was not under the impression that good hospitality and general couth were reserved to the patients who were unconscious (AKA paying thrice what I paid out of pocket).
He retorted saying it's not that he's only nice to unconscious patients, he said I came in with an elevated heart rate and I shouldn't have done the procedure..

My heart rate was elevated because I was terrified. If it was a complication, why hadn't he explained that during the procedure? I didn't know that my anxiety was going to make it so painful. I didn't know that my heart rate was elevated or that I HAD to be put down for the procedure. Literally every nurse and customer at work I asked advice from said they just numb you.

The doctor made me feel like I was better off just keeping the tooth and living in pain every day.

I feel so violated and stupid and twice as unworthy of medical care than I did before this endeavor..

I have no idea what to do. I keep crying and my inner dialogue is so negative repeating the things he said to me and telling myself how stupid I am for making so many wrong choices. I was never informed or told. I thought my questions were educated and thought out. I have to call a whole random dentist office just to ask about my post op procedures rn.

What do I do? I don't know what feed to post on. I just know I wasn't to stop crying and that it's $1400 for a 24 psych hold and I just spent all my savings on the tooth. I just want someone to tell me I'm not stupid and that doctor was mean. I keep convincing myself I deserved to feel like I did because I was too stupid to know I had to be put down and I don't know how to move past it.
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2022.01.26 08:58 raaner12 Anthony Scaramucci Says ‘Take a Chill Pill’ Amid Bitcoin Crash - Decrypt

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2022.01.26 08:58 sankalp_pateriya Is this a good class for hardpoint only? Also suggest some classes for hardpoint!

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2022.01.26 08:58 Nector_Cadrill_Logh Offerings and devotional activities for Khaos

I want to create a list of things that Khaos likes as offerings and devotional acts:
-Pomegranate, u/joklyt saw her with pomegranates and she told he/them? (I don't know your gender joklyt) that she apparently resides in the underworld/Hades. This can count as an offering
-Water (all gods like water), wine, olive oil, honey (these are offerings all Theoi were given traditionally and I've not heard so far that Khaos has rejected them)
-Hiya_Synth said that Khaos maybe likes coffee. I don't drink coffee so I can't tell.
-Maybe fake birds/tokens or images of birds as decoration? I know that Aristphanes wrote in The Birds that Eros and Khaos had birds as children but it's unclear if it's based on a prior myth. Still, you may use birds if you find that connection from the play interesting enough.
-dark/black gem stones, crystals? Black is always good because she is the void
Devotional activities:
-Being environmentally friendly/caring about nature (by Hiya_Synth)
-Carving a wooden idol for her (Hiya_Synth created one as an apology for making a mistake)
-Draw her (Me, joklyt and Hiya_Synth have all done it)
-Cleaning your room and the house, shower more often, brush your teeth, doing more for your community, stop using eletric devices so often and stop using so much plastic, don't eat so much meat (Hiya_Synth found this out via UPG)
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2022.01.26 08:58 Elon___ Ireland flag in the style of California

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2022.01.26 08:58 XxKon_ArtxX Angel Of Death - Slabs & Dabs

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2022.01.26 08:58 UpbeatRiceVendor Genshin Impact is kinda stupid

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2022.01.26 08:58 Gapiqueen What’s the song that you haven’t heard in years but you still know every word?

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2022.01.26 08:58 Comprehensive_Act927 Zdroj: Techbox (Explo sa môže tešiť)

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2022.01.26 08:58 Semaj12354 I want a sequel to Omniverse.

I want more og Ben 10 please.
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2022.01.26 08:58 Emotional-Fly326 What item would you remove from the world to make it break?

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2022.01.26 08:58 TheBrickedWall What am I missing here?

What am I missing here?
This is what shows up when I hover over the red exclamation mark.
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2022.01.26 08:58 rensole What is a Covered Strangle?

What is a Covered Strangle? This strategy revolves around two parts.
Short a call and go long on the stock, then short a put with enough cash on the side to purchase the stock if we get assigned. This means that we have a combination of the “covered call” and the “cash secured put”, meaning if the stock would rise above our calls strike at expiration we are likely getting the call assigned. Meaning selling our stock at the chosen call strike price.
At the same time if the stock would go down below our strike put price at expiration then we are more likely to get our put assigned and would be obligated to buy more stock at our strike price.
  • Long 100 shares of XYZ stock
  • Short 1 call of XYZ stock at 140
  • Having $X Cash
  • Short 1 put of XYZ stock at 120
Maximum profits
  • Call strike - stock purchase price + premiums received
Maximum losses
  • stock purchase price + put strike - premium received.

(example of how the Covered Strangle looks like on a random stock on the Unusual whales free options profit calculator which you can find here)
This strategy makes it so we can profit from sideways to slight increase in the stock price, and is considered a classic strategy for anyone who wants to increase their holdings in the stock. meaning if it goes down we get more, if it goes up above our range we sell.
This strategy is a slight variation of a covered Straddle, the difference being that both the call and put option have the same strike price but the same concepts are still applicable.
Maximum profits and losses
The maximum profits would be if the stock were to rise above our call strike price at expiration, in that case the investor would be assigned the call and sell their shares at the given strike price of the call and closing their position. To add to the profit from buying and selling the shares the investor would pocket any premium received from selling both options.
The maximum losses would be if the stock would become worthless, as we would lose the entire value of the stock, half of it being purchased upfront and the other half purchased with our put option. these losses would be offset with the premiums we received for selling our options.
Break even point
Normally a break even point is fairly cut and dry, but when it comes to this strategy it becomes a little hazy.
because break even fluctuates due to the long stock and if our puts/calls will get assigned or not.
In the most technical sense this strategy breaks even if the stock price at expiration is below the original stock price (the average cost of long stock) by the premium received for selling the option. again because long stocks are involved it’s fairly hard to give a dead on “break even point” for this strategy.
This strategy is something we can use if we believe that our current stock price is trading at a fair value and the investor has a long stock position and is willing to sell it if it goes higher and buy more if it goes lower. Meaning we are long term bullish on the stock but want to make sure that once the stock goes to an area where we believe it might be “overvalued” we take profits, and when it is at a “undervalued” point we get more.
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2022.01.26 08:58 CallumF01 I'm currently live on my birthday just hoping to have a fun birthday stream, would mean the world if you stopped by and wished me happy birthday or something <3

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2022.01.26 08:58 Zhangfe25 Watch "Tonga Volcano Eruption (On Camera)" on YouTube

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2022.01.26 08:58 sneaky_blinders Looks Like Conte really did want Amrabat at Inter

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2022.01.26 08:58 Alvin1461 poop with friends :D

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2022.01.26 08:58 JeannetteD01 Already crying

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2022.01.26 08:58 moon-phoebe Envious of lack of work

Hey community!
I am in home office right now. I live with my boyfriend in a small appartment. He is seeking work right now. He got fired mid december.
I have to work at home and he is there, too. I feel like he does not do much to search for work or somehtibg to do. He does a bit in the morning like for 1h and then he starts gaming for the rest of the day.
When I am at work that does not bother me. When I am at home office, the gaming bothers me a lot. Later when I am finished with work, i am gaming too and then it does not bother me anymore.
Why does it bother me when I am working? I fell like he should do "more" or something else lot just gaming the whole day. Even though it is not my responsibility. I did talk to him about that but that was not too helpfull. We did agreed that I have to go to work more often.
Any insight?
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2022.01.26 08:58 IMEfan Cool

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2022.01.26 08:58 Fit_Background_2402 Our cop on the beat

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2022.01.26 08:58 mansivk79 So, you to capitalize on market fluctuations with official_CVI? Pretty cool, right! 🤩 How about combining: Decentralized Push Notifs + CVI? 🤔 Now users can subscribe to CVI's Official Channel on EPNS & receive timely notifs on CVI Index Variation 🔔 DailyPUSH Check how👇 https://t.co/D2To

So, you to capitalize on market fluctuations with official_CVI? Pretty cool, right! 🤩 How about combining: Decentralized Push Notifs + CVI? 🤔 Now users can subscribe to CVI's Official Channel on EPNS & receive timely notifs on CVI Index Variation 🔔 DailyPUSH Check how👇 https://t.co/D2To submitted by mansivk79 to epnsproject [link] [comments]