Relentless Hunter on ARAM

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2022.01.26 07:14 guluscooby Relentless Hunter on ARAM

This rune seems to have high winrate on ARAM , I don't get it, how is it even viable ? I love Aery as main runes but can't decide what to get as secondary ones ?
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2022.01.26 07:14 cloez18 ¿Existe una relación entre el uso de cannabis y la esquizofrenia?

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2022.01.26 07:14 Offres آخر تطورات أسعار صرف الليرة السورية مقابل الدولار

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2022.01.26 07:14 thisappseemsawful If someone offered you 5k in highschool to get good grades would you have gotten better grades?

View Poll
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2022.01.26 07:14 nomad523 Echelon ex5 cadence increasing too much. How do I fix this?

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2022.01.26 07:14 frostedcake74 [H] Wholesome award [W] nothing.

A photo of a kitten would be nice though.
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2022.01.26 07:14 AwarenessHappy5846 Tabplot visualization in Python / tableplot

Does anyone know how to create a tabplot vis in python? they look like the following :
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2022.01.26 07:14 LMD98 Help with Pokédex

I’m about 30 Pokémon off finishing the dex in sword, if anyone can help me finish off that would be amazing! Any Pokémon will be sent back as soon as I’ve got the Pokédex entry. Thanks in advance 💞
Lotad Milotic Appletun Slurpuff Wynaut Corsola Cursola Munchlax Cottonee Whimsicott Escavalier Sableye Cofagrigus Aegislash Ponyta (galar) Rapidash (galar) Morelull Oranguru Drampa Turtonator Lunatone Eiscue Dracozolt Dracovish Arctovish Silvally Goomy Sligoo Goodra Drakloak Zamazenta
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2022.01.26 07:14 Roblox838 OK, this is concerning. Who's going to report Den Renders?

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2022.01.26 07:14 lxbelizabeth 22F, your thoughts

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2022.01.26 07:14 Smith_N_Wesson04 Hi all im about to buy a 300zx but no airbags?

I'm looking at getting a 1994 300zx this weekend but it apparently has no airbags, i thought they came standard from '92 onward, and dual from '94 onwards?
Im in Australia if it makes any difference
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2022.01.26 07:13 jimmy_o Why do you think the game hasn't sustained popularity?

I absolutely adore this game.
I'm a competitive gamer with a love for strategy games. I think LTD2 is, despite being older, actually a progression on the auto battler format, and it solves some of the main issues I have with the genre (so much of the skill being pure meta knowledge, the ability to 'force' comps), while retaining the high skill, high replay-ability nature of every game being unique.
It saddens me to see the number of active players drop so low, the Twitch viewership disappear, and as a result the complete lack of community content around the game. No sites, a dead subreddit, etc.
Why do you think this is the case? Why do you think all of the big strategy streamers who picked it up on release and loved it stopped?
Is it just because it affected their own income too much moving away from the existing popular games?
Is it because there is an inherent problem with the ladder system being too slow of a grind (I have noticed this myself, it's very, very slow to climb. I have barely moved in rank despite having a 54% win rate over 107 games this season.
And, what can we do about it, if anything? I play, I watch streams, I even stream myself with some music when playing sometimes just to give the category on Twitch another streamers on top of the 4 or 5 it seems to have most of the time. I created this beginner help-sheet after the game launched:
I want this game to have a larger community as I think it benefits everyone.
And to the devs of the game: first of all, thank you for creating such a fantastic game and putting years of time into it and sticking with it. Secondly - do you have any thoughts regarding the above? Did you hope foexpect it to be more popular at this point in time? Does this affect ongoing support or development for the game? Do you have any plans to market the game and increase its popularity going forward? It would be great to hear what you think about it! I think it's an interesting topic to discuss - why such a popular concept, with such fantastic execution, hasn't gripped the scene.
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2022.01.26 07:13 EnzeruAnimeFan Advice for Miis based on 3D/realistic characters?

I'm currently working on Miis of Encanto's Bruno and Xena's, well, Xena, but I can't for the life of me figure out the best way to do soft contours/blending the way faces tend to do. There aren't any shapes in the makeup that do them by default, but mixing the transparent ones wrong just looks like overlay filters.
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2022.01.26 07:13 Tokyono Roses (1890), Vincent van Gogh, [3167 x 4000]

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2022.01.26 07:13 Ricky_lan1998 Tips for a beginner

Hi guys! Im 20h into monster hunter rise and loving it soo much. Previously the only mh i played was freedom unite (200h), so this is a really big jump in complexity. I really like playing with hammer, and I'm starting to look a bit into dual blades. This, with longsword, were my favourite weapons in mhfu. So, what's the point of this post? In freedom unite, both you and the monsters were super slow, and they were really easy to read. But I can't seem to read decently any monster in rise yet (i know i don't have many hours in the game and it's a bit normal, but i want some tips). Especially with the hammer this is really important, to predict at least where their head could be in a few seconds, when impact crater will finish it's hits. And I'm starting to notice this problem especially with the village Magnamalo. I obviously destroyed him, stat wise im already too strong for him. But it took me a good 12minutes, and i kept missing, and being hit for bad positioning, the asshole kept moving so freaking fast. I would start impact crater before the end of his move, and he would start a new one before it ended, hitting me just before i could hit him. Very frustrating. Any tips? I really love bonking the monsters hard, i would hate to go back to main longsword like in fu, i really want to main hammer.
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2022.01.26 07:13 moonkoko Who would get more chance to find randomly a sword in a field, someone in 1022 or someone in 2022?

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2022.01.26 07:13 edwardianpug Looking for a scenic vista with a Swiss railway clock in the frame...

The prettiest one I can think of is Grindlewald, but I thought I'd check here.
I'm making a short video and for the final shot I want a view that is very Swissy and contains a (working) Swiss Railway clock. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.26 07:13 zuleyha84 33% off >> $199.99 >> GMK NucBOX Mini PC Banggood Coupon Promo Code [J4125 8+512G SSD]

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2022.01.26 07:13 PastNice3518 Ark

Yo I'm new to ark can someone help me out with some tames I'm on Xbox small tribes???
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2022.01.26 07:13 FutureNotBleak What if zombies can be created using nanobots that “infect” the brain and take it over?

Any idea whether this story has been done before?
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2022.01.26 07:13 Aslan12981298 cat dabing lol

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2022.01.26 07:13 EvilScientwist Found an interesting property with beta radiation, not quite sure what's causing it though. Any ideas?

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2022.01.26 07:13 martigan99 Satisfying

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2022.01.26 07:13 ZoolShop Beats Studio Buds update enables iCloud instant pairing, more

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2022.01.26 07:13 niceandbluuuu Koszonjuk Gabika a spicliskedest 😘😘😘😘😘

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