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2022.01.26 08:50 Soft_Entrepreneur_50 Hat wer Lust Klassenkolleginnen von mir zu bewerben

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2022.01.26 08:50 BigBruhter6281 I really just want to sleep forever

Idk if this like like a hormonal thing (I’m 15m) but I really FUCKING hate waking up. Like I really think about how bad waking up is throughout the day. It’s so hard I wish I could sleep forever. I have to wake up at 6:40 for school and I hate it. I would ask for tips to wake up easier, but truly all I really want is to never have to wake up again. On weekends I sleep for like 12 hours.
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2022.01.26 08:50 Pitiful_Ad7153 Thoughts on Remus reserve V? Found two at my local spot. Worth grabbing?

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2022.01.26 08:50 icanteven005 Where should I put the master's bedroom? The entrance is in the south, the north has the views so I wanna put big windows altho I can't decide wether i should place it in the east or the west side. Ps. I'm just playing around, this isn't a real project, I'm not tricking anyone into free labor.

Where should I put the master's bedroom? The entrance is in the south, the north has the views so I wanna put big windows altho I can't decide wether i should place it in the east or the west side. Ps. I'm just playing around, this isn't a real project, I'm not tricking anyone into free labor. submitted by icanteven005 to architecture [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 08:50 ogcrypto6969420 While markets are slow & quiet,[N$FW] powers the 1st Adult MetaVerse | xxxNifty presents the PinkPass sale | Growing their WEB3 EcoSystem w/ the PinkTower | $9 Million MC | 10x-100x incoming | Think SAND & MANA at N$FW MC | Stake [N$FW] earn $BNB | Almost 50% supply Locked/Staked | Room 2 Grow!

While markets are slow & quiet,[N$FW] powers the 1st Adult MetaVerse | xxxNifty presents the PinkPass sale | Growing their WEB3 EcoSystem w/ the PinkTower | $9 Million MC | 10x-100x incoming | Think SAND & MANA at N$FW MC | Stake [N$FW] earn $BNB | Almost 50% supply Locked/Staked | Room 2 Grow! submitted by ogcrypto6969420 to Moonshotcoins [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 08:50 9XcR8lxKcAPT The Case of the Stolen Knife (Long)

I am not OP. u/TopsyTurvyTasha is the OP.
Original post: https://old.reddit.com/KitchenConfidential/comments/rydr1k/my_knife_got_stolen_at_work/
I put my nice ass Japanese knife back in it's presentation box whilst closing on the 30th, and ended up forgetting it on our countertop, but no big deal cause my co-workers would either unbox it and put it back on the service rack (we're only a team of 4, all own Japanese steel, so happily share our shit) or just put the box in a cupboard.
Ended up not working again until the 4th, came in & it wasn't on the knife rack. After a big song and dance of me ripping apart our service + prep kitchen, and my boyfriend ripping apart the house, I asked the manager if he could check the CCTV for me, and he did and we saw I definitely left it where I thought I had.
My boyfriend got a text earlier today from the manager (my boyfriend is the agm) saying he's got it on CCTV, absolute clear as day, my kitchens delivery driver (I'm not US based, but Sysco energy) spotting the knife box, looking all around for people and cameras before opening the box and inspecting my knife, before closing it back up and continuing to unload our delivery.
As he drops the invoice for the delivery on the side he uses sleight of hand to slide my knife box into his empty crates and fucks off.
It's not even like the guy was a Christmas temp, like agency staff or something. He eats at our place on his days off, I say good morning every time he drops the delivery when I'm already in and he calls me darling. Then he steals from our kitchen, during the Christmas period no less. Like FUCKING HELL.
I know the knife is gone, he's gonna panic and dash it when he's called out on it. At this point, it's not about that. It was my first good knife, I bought myself a £30 Victorinox when I started this job, as I've never been allowed my own knives in my previous kitchens. I showed my mum a picture of this knife, offhand in casual convo one day, saying I was saving up to treat myself to it, and she surprised me with it as congratulation present to getting out of the toxic corporate kitchen I'd been in for 4.5 years. So there's sentimental value too, it was less than 6 months old and it's no longer available from any of the UK stockists.
I'm going to be phoning our supplier tomorrow, that way they have no chance to draft an organised response like if I emailed them instead.
Imma end this whole mans career.
UPDATE: I’ve filed a police report, and they’ve already seen the CCTV. Tomorrow, I’ll be emailing my supplier with my crime reference numbethe officers email address so they can provide them with the guys name.
I sent a long email detailing what had happened to my supplier, and once I sent mine, the two managers of the venue also emailed stating how unhappy they were.
At 9:16am, aka this guy sat down at 9am and this was the first shit he saw, with Legal & HR cc’d in, I imagine. I had an email from the head of sales & communications for the entire delivery company. The driver was immediately suspended, whilst they conduct an internal investigation. The email mentioned something about if the outcome of that is they find the driver guilty, they’ll be looking at offering me a solution, aka monetary compensation I would assume.
This all happened on Monday, and with such blatant BLATANT (HOLY FUCK IS THE CCTV FOOTAGE SO MUCH MORE BLATANT THAN HAD BEEN DESCRIBED TO ME) video evidence, I imagine most of the investigation will be them covering themselves legally, and I will hear from them either tomorrow or Thursday, maybe Friday at the latest.
Update 1: https://old.reddit.com/KitchenConfidential/comments/s4999a/long_awaited_update_on_my_stolen_knife/
Update to my post last week about the driver for one of our suppliers swiping my knife.
Also this is going to be long as fuck, I'm sorry. Pharmacies round here went highwire over Christmas, so I ran out of my ADHD meds for a week, and I took my first dose of my refill today. So, like. HEWIGO.
TL;DR at the bottom, don't worry.
Can't say I expected the level of response my last post got, but also simultaneously wasn't surprised at all cause we all love a bit of drama sometimes like, especially in boring months in January.
Don't you worry your pretty little heads though, cause this update is satisfying as FUCK.
I edited in some updates as they happened in the other post, but I'll put them all here to make it easier to keep track of.
I emailed our supplier on Saturday evening, not expecting a response till monday, as I emailed the HQ rather than our local depot, the management of the venue I'm in also timed it up with me to immediately send an email after mine stating the venue, who use the same supplier, as well as the other 3 vendors (I'm in a food hall) who used them were upset and eagerly awaiting a response.
9:16am, I had an email in my inbox from the head of sales & customer service of a multi million pound company in my inbox. This dude had obviously sat down at his desk at 9am, to his email being forwarded to him, with the legal department and HR CC'd in. The works, I reckon.
They immediately suspended the driver whilst they conducted an internal investigation, and they had the CCTV footage before 12pm Monday.
I guess in a weird way, I was a bit unsure about whether to file a police report or not, dunno maybe 4 years of being in a toxic chain restaurant had that little bit of me deep down still like "life's easier if you don't push as hard!"
Then I saw the CCTV, and holy fucking christ was this guy bold. Our delivery was a big bitch that day, because our supplier closed over new year, so it was on a little trolley with wheels. The guy comes round the front of my kitchen with our delivery and spots my knife box on the side. I absolutely shit you not, with no exaggeration, he picks up and opens my knife box so fucking fast after spotting it THE DELIVERY HE'D BEEN DRAGGING IS STILL ROLLING ON IT'S WHEELS. It's so bloody blatant it's comical, he literally ducks his neck at one point to see under and past our canopy hood to check for cameras, completely not noticing the 1080p camera pointed directly at him. He enters the frame at 8:47am, and my knife was out of the building by 8:50am.
This cunt's kitchen at home is full of high end shit from kitchens he delivers to, you can just tell from the confidence he did it all with. Plus one of our floor staff put the fear of god in me by accident by bringing up the fact like....yeah, i've spoken to the guy before, but I don't know him.
There is a stranger, who has stolen a bladed weapon from me, that has my fingerprints and DNA all over the handle and blade. Yeah, it's unlikely and maybe a bit dramatic but also, what if, I guess?
So fuck him, fuck the slight ptsd I have from my first kitchen, I filed the police report.
Emailed the company on Wednesday asking them to pass along the guys name etc to the police, gave them to details and all of that.
Thursday, my head chef returned to work and was able to return the call from our account rep. He was calling to check in with us more than anything. On a personal level, very upset. Like not even just angry, but betrayed? Lots of what was really obviously genuine reactions of things like "you think you know somebody, and they do something like this."
I hadn't heard anything back by noon today (Friday). So my partner, who is also one of the deputy managers/acting GMs of the venue offered to phone the guy I'm emailing. They had a chat, and I have an email by 4pm explaining what has happened since monday.
The guy I was emailing, still has not seen the CCTV as he was going to be an impartial party in the disciplinary meeting for the driver, in the first stage of the investigation.
They set a date for it, and let the guy know they wanted to talk to him.
THIS COWARDLY FUCKER EMAILED HIS RESIGNATION THE SAME DAY Jumped before he was pushed! The head of comms for this company literally referred to it as "He took the cowards way out"
He then claimed this wasn't an admission of guilt, and he did not have the knife. I know full well this shit head has panicked, and my lovely baby is sat in the window of a bloody cash converters, or some other pawn shop, in a direly depressing town in North West England. The company has given all of this guys info to the police, and are withholding monies from his final paycheck to reimburse me in the event the police are not able to recover my knife.
The company have been ABSOLUTE diamonds. Nothing but apologies, have never once asked for anything from me. They haven't asked to see proof of purchase for my knife, or a receipt, or anything like that. They've fully understood it shouldn't be up to me to prove anything to them, and they essentially have asked me to name my price on what the cost of a replacement knife would be.
I know some people wanted me to name and shame the company, but everyone has been so lovely and professional about the whole thing, and honestly? Everyone I've spoke to have been quite obviously upset and furious at the guy on a personal level. I used my latest email, which included my monetary request, to compliment our favourite driver by name.
For the UK dwellers of KC, to alleviate worry. If you are based somewhere between central Shropshire and northern Lancaster and use a regional supplier, rather than a HUGE national one (like e.g. it ain't Brakes lol) and you have noticed things missing from your kitchens, with no explanation. Check your cameras. I don't want it to seem like I'm disparaging the company here, because they have been sound about the whole thing, to be fair. Also, they haven't compensated me yet lol.
So. Yeah! Not sure there'll be much more to update, until the police presumably visit his address, and I'll be informed if they find my knife or not and if he's arrested. Next update after that will be me posting pictures either with my blue handled love, or a beautiful new/younger model.
Dude quit his high paying low/sociable hour career before they could fire him, lost all of his friends at his workplace, has been reported to the police. When they can't get the knife back, the company will be taking over £200 from his final paycheck to give me to buy a new knife.
All for a knife he probably sold to a pawn shop, or a chef at their back door, for no more than £60.
\Muffled Boss Bitch by Doja Cat plays softly in the distance*)
Last Update:
Reminder I am not OP and that is a nice knife.
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2022.01.26 08:50 EmbarrassedJelly6537 Druddigon (Shardrogan) Raid now 2483 2048 0658

Druddigon (Shardrogan) Raid now 2483 2048 0658
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2022.01.26 08:50 Intrepid_Handle3887 my Tier List for the husuian forms

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2022.01.26 08:50 UsernameCzechIn Should the user u/usernameczechin be banned from r/indonesia?

So, for the past few months, the superchad user u/usernameczechin is being, well, chad, in the chat. Due to it being active in hentaibondage and sounding (secretly) and, for a long time now, is begging to be quarantined to Pulau Buru. What should we do to stop him from sounding himself?
Kalau ada yang punya keluh kesah, tulis aja di sini (terutama perihal sounding).
View Poll
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2022.01.26 08:50 hawk9698 Event throwback...

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2022.01.26 08:50 sparkly-and-savage It’s a long stretch from the tip of my toes to the curve of my ass, get your tongue ready

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2022.01.26 08:50 ExactlySorta Into the Spiderhearse

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2022.01.26 08:50 calvins48 Does anyone know why these 2022 cars have gotten rid of the paddle shifter and gone back to the sequential stick shifter for the gearbox?

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2022.01.26 08:50 Fenrir_Wof Looking for a bit of advice.

So I'm trying to build an Akasha team (very cute girl btw, best waifu, fight me) and the setup so far is Cath, Sher and Akasha. My problem with this set up is the chaos skill management. The idea is to use Sher's chaos for the crit rate and crit dmg and use Cath's chaos for the extra dmg. That's like a lot of chaos usage right there. So the idea is to use them bfo burst ig? And I'm assuming burst is just spam akasha? I honestly dk how to manage their skills and I need help with that
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2022.01.26 08:50 Ok-Tumbleweed7318 Is it a bad idea to display cards like this on a shelf ?? It doesn't get any direct sun light as the sun doesn't really show up much in Ireland...

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2022.01.26 08:50 ImperatoreAntIST ovviamente è attribbuto

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2022.01.26 08:50 sillypotato0985 A cute bandaid for my broken collarbone. Made by @bona.sunama São Paulo, brazil

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2022.01.26 08:50 xMatinvtx The strongest part of “ All of the Lights “ …

is definitely fergie.
There, you heard it right.
I don’t know shit about her career or personality but her part is just fucking awesome.
Makes me wanna fly
I thought it was nicky minaj singing it until now
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2022.01.26 08:50 Xerninja Since when was Bloonarius camo?

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2022.01.26 08:50 Make-Mine How so i ask for my fem stuff back? Also rant sorry

Tldr: when i (18 amab) was away my mom found my stash and took it all away, I want my stuff back but don't know how to bring it up.( we live in brazil btw)
Look for context i always tried to be a good kid, cleaning the house , making breakfast even lunch if needed, taking out the trash and having good grades (i got in 5 out of 6 unis that i aplied and 86% average grade) but im shy and would rather stay alone playing games or reading, and when i tried to connect with mom she would ignore me or have a death stare, so i stayed alone.
LONG VERSION: i went to the beach for new years eve and mom wanted to surprise me by cleaning my room, but in the process she found my stash , we had a "conversation" aka she told me how i was kinda useless, how i didn't try to help and how i broke her trust and that no son of hers would use a skirt, and "how hard it is for her" (general gaslighting i guess) but she said this "it's your choice to throw it away or not" so i tought that she let me keep the stuff , 2 days later after work(as an intern with father) i find the box suspiciously light , yup nothing in there , cue in anxiety attack , i messaged mom and she played dumb like it was always the agreed thing , another "conversation" that ended with "we will try to be better and talk more to each other" I'm serioisly trying to be better, she put a little effort but is returning to her old ways of "i do everything and no one helps me even tho i can't overwork myself and ignore when someone asks for help" and "why won't you think of me too?" while ignoring everything else.
I don't know what to do, I've been feeling like shit i can't even look at my arms without felling bad, yes it may be dysphoria cuz it went away when i dressed up , Idk what i am but i am trans godamnit, but she will not suport me and i can't move to a new place cuz dad won't let me get a job(he will start paying me in 2-3 months) and even if i had the money,finding an afordable place is a bitch... Sorry to bother but i trully need help.... And it may be obvious but i can't see it... Thank you for reading seriously have a wonderfull day XD and i will post this to a few places sorry if you saw it more than once, im desperate.
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2022.01.26 08:50 Cturne_Fiend I forgot my password and my reddit account isn't linked to my email what can i do for change my password?

Thats all
(Sorry for bad england)
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2022.01.26 08:50 EarthNatural1268 Are my stats good? I'm lvl 50 on the dot.

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2022.01.26 08:50 PUSH_AX Conan does conan things

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2022.01.26 08:50 readerseven Nasdaq futures jump 2% after Microsoft's strong forecast; Fed decision looms

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2022.01.26 08:50 cranberrymelody Guitar Center Memorial Day Sale

Visit for Guitar Center Memorial Day Sale. Getting Guitar Center Memorial Day Sale for online shopping is easy there. Discount codes and offers are free and you may take advantages of all daily deals, sales, coupons and promo codes.
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