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Hacker Helps Recover $2M Worth of Crypto from Trezor Wallet - Decrypt

2022.01.26 08:59 raaner12 Hacker Helps Recover $2M Worth of Crypto from Trezor Wallet - Decrypt

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i put a picture of you in my wwallet
i wwore a suit suit suit
it did not suit my style
i wwore my brand neww belt
and noww i knoww howw ian curtis felt
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I have currently completed the war withing but haven't gotten any farther in the story. With no spoilers can someone tell me which story quest gives insight into how the Warframes are made/ what they are?
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Have a moment in which you misunderstood a game mechanic? Purchased an incorrect for a certain champ? One Tricked a specific character? I'd love to hear it.
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I just want to know before I tinker with it. I'm being bottlenecked hard by my CPU.
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2022.01.26 08:59 VICXIII I've done and fuck up! Chapter 11

Hey guys! I'm getting better now. Here is the next chapter.
The crowd of engineering women looked with jealousy-filled eyes at the pair walking to the Transport while holding paw. Many of the women wanted to get close to the new Champion.
Yoremedia felt the stares on her skin. For the first time, she felt this much joy. If her litter sisters Vijat`a and V`yx were here, they would've dropped dead with jealousy. The twins would always make fun of her with how awkward she acted when trying to talk to a male or lack off. She didn't know how to talk to a male. It was more that she didn't know what to talk about. Males like and dislike range significantly, so finding one who liked the same things she did was made more difficult with their gender ratio. She hopes Gab`riel would like to dance, but she thought for a second, "Do humans even dance or had something similar?" she was brought out of her thoughts when she was stopped. Gab`riel wasn't moving. He just stood there gazing at the Trasport bay doors. Yoremeida saw how Gab'riel's demeanor changed. His breathing became rapid. Sweat started to drip from his face, the color from his bioluminescent cycle through colors of distress. She could feel Gab'riel's heart rate increase while holding his paw. Gabr`iel was an immovable object. Yoremedia knew she needed to be careful how to handle this. With a gentle voice, she spoke.
"Gab`riel, you don't have to go in there if you don't want to. I nor anyone in the ship can make you. I"ll go in there and tell engineer team leader Serifim that you can't make it ok. Just wait here for me. I won't take long."
Yoremedia let go of Gab'riel's paw and started to make her way into the Transport but was stopped by a paw holding her. The paw belongs to Gab`riel. She recognized the warmth it radiated. She turns around to see Gab`riel's face, the distress still apparent. With some fear in his eyes, Gab`riel spoke.
"It's best I warn you guys about the Transport on what it can and can't do. You guys don't want to blow yourself up."
Yoremedia smiled, giving reassuring to the male in front of her. Yoremedia's instincts told her to protect the small male in front of her, but her brain told her that it was a fruitless effort with how he took on a horde of Agony Demons. Yoremedia took Gab`riel's paw and guided him inside, staying very close to the worried male.
The inside of the Transport was now clean. Light now adorns the inside. Gab`riel had let go of Yoremedia's paw but stayed close to her. She could see the discomfort on Gab`riel's face and the pain this place brought him.
"Are you going to be ok?"
She asks. She had seen friends that had suffered from some source of trauma have the same look, the same reaction when entering a place that reminded them of their torture past and how the smallest of things would trigger an episode.
"I'll be fine as long they keep the bay doors open, and you stay close to me. Let's go. I don't want to be here longer than I need to."
Gab`riel's voice was filled with discomfort as he moved deeper into the Transport. Yoremedia said nothing and stayed next to him. Arriving at the cockpit of the Transport, both saw engineer team leader Serifim with tablet at paw. She moved, pacing in a circle, trying to understand what she was seeing. Finally, taking notice of the two standing in front of her, Serifim spoke.
"Took you long enough to get here, now can you tell me about this Transport and how in the eight Agony plains it work."
Gab`riel looked around. The machines now inside the Transport were alien in design to him, but some machines look to have the same scanning and power reading design. Turning to engineer team leader Serifim, Gab`riel spoke.
"The Transport you are standing in is one of its kind meant to travel instantly to any location in space using the Y.E.E.T Drive. The science behind the Drive is beyond me, so don't ask."
Engineer team leader Serifim recorded what Gab`riel said. She asks another question."
"What powers the Y.`E.`E.`T Drive."
Gab`riel took a moment as if thinking if he should tell her or not. Shrugging, he spoke."
"The power source is a mini multi-dimensional collider that collects the excess energies of dimension when they collide."
Gab`riel's words made engineer team leader Serifim drop her tablet and look at Gab`riel with disbelief in her eyes. Picking her tablet off the floor, she asks again, trying to listen closely. Gab`riel sighed. It was becoming clear that he wanted to leave, but engineer team leader Serifim kept asking questions. with an annoyed tone, he repeated the exact words. After hearing the same explanation twice, engineer team leader Serifim could only utter one word.
"Just what were these humans?" a power source that collects energy from colliding dimensions? The idea itself was unheard of. Not even Goddess of science Inelina had hypothesis such an idea. These were the thoughts racing in engineer team leader Serifim's mind. Taking a deep breath, Serifim decided to move to the next question.
"How does life support work? we turn the power on, but no cycling of air or gravity generator kicking in."
Gab`riel's response was quick and to the point.
"Life support failed. I don't know for how long. Gravity generators never work."
Engineer team leader Serifim recorded and carefully wrote side notes that she failed to notice what Gab`riel said. Yoremedia didn't and was quick to ask.
"If it failed, how are you.."
she didn't get to finish her sentence as Gab`riel did it for her.
"Alive? Humans don't need oxygen to survive or any other gas, for that matter."
Gab`riel's words were cold and hard, annoyance becoming more apparent by the minute.
After finishing taking her notes, engineer team leader Serifim waited for the two in front of her to finish speaking before asking another question.
"Can you tell me what the Transport is made of?"
Gab`riel turns his attention to engineer team leader Serifim and responds to her question.
"The material of the Transport are compositions of different kinds of metals that are forged in super dense gravity that are equal to that of a supermassive black hole, and that is all I can tell without my government permission."
Engineer team leader Serifim continues recording, taking great care in what she put in as side notes as well, putting her tablet away. Engineer team leader Serifim's face looks tired. What Gab`riel said only solidified her hypothesis, the technology in this Transport was thousands or millions of rotations ahead of her kind. Serifim sighed. Running her paw down her face, she only had one last question for Gab`riel.
"When we restore power to the Transport, the navigation VI started saying something that I wish you could translate."
Gab`riel quickly responded.
"It's asking for the command codes, don't bother trying to hack into it. After three failed attempts, the VI will randomize the command code. You would need the mother key code on Mars to see the new command code. Lastly, do not, and I repeat DO NOT hit that red button. It will trigger the emergency teleport sequence, and trust me. You don't want to be trapped and drifting in space in this death machine."
Both Yoremedia and Serifim were taken aback. Gab`riel's words were filled with hate and venom. The longer he was in the Transport, the longer he became distressed. She could not make the technology in the Transport work even with the help of Gab`riel. Engineer team leader Serifim decided it was best to leave things as they were.
"Don't worry, I or anyone else will not go poking our paw in here. The only one allowed here is you or me, and there will be twenty-four hours guard watch. I got what I needed it, thank you, Gab`riel. You can leave, whenever you want, but before you..."
Without listening to what engineer team leader Serifim was about to say, Gab`riel turned around and bolted out of the Transport. Neither Yoremedia nor Serifim was able to see him. With shocked looks, both women looked at one another. Yoremedia quickly follows after Gab`riel. The words of engineer team leader Serifim stop her.
"That male needs a healer of the mind. Tell that to supreme commander Yesleta. I have already sent her a message. Goddesses, I don't know how long he drifted in space trap in here, but it is clear it was for a very long time, oh and here take this, I was about to give it to him, but as you saw, he left this place before I could give it to him. It is similar to our tablets, so there might be something in there that will remind him of his home. I was able to recharge it, the technology behind it's beyond me, but the power required to charge it is quite simple."
While taking the odd-looking device and clipping it to the side of her left tight, Yoremedia spoke.
"I'll make sure the supreme commander knows, and I will make sure Gab`riel gets to a healer of the mind."
Turning around, Yoremedia ran after Gab`riel.
I ran as fast as I could. I jump out of the bay door, landing two hundred meters away from the shuttle. There was no way in hell I would stay inside that damn thing. The crew watched me fly by. They stared in amazement, but I did not care; I just wanted to get as far from that thing as possible. I started to walk away when I remembered Yoremedia was left behind. Taking a deep breath, I waited for her.
Five minutes passed before I could see Yoremedia running towards me. Her speed was a good ninety miles per hour and was next to me in no time. Her breathing was ragged, taking a few seconds to get her breathing under control. With labor breaths, she spoke to me.
" ran v..very fast."
I look at her with an apologizing gaze. She was good company and helpful, and I just left her back there alone. Sighing, I said.
"I am sorry for leaving you back there. I just can't be in there."
She raised her left hand still with labor breath, she said.
"No, it's fine, I understand. How about we leave? And here, engineer team leader Serifim gave me this to return to you."
I see Yoremedia unclip my phone, well it is not a phone like in the old sense of the word, but the word stuck around. I take it. It had power. How did they manage to charge? There was no charging mat on the shuttle of any kind. I'll have to ask the chief engineer about that later. Once power on my phone transforms and coils around my wrist, turning into a wristband and swiping down on the wristband, it extends, projecting a screen in front of me.
I looked at the screen. My playlist, pic, anime, and movies were there. Going through my pics, I see my family, old friends, and a preview of one of my videos of me dancing to an ancient song. Movement caught my eye. Yoremedia was trying to get closer to see what was happing in the video. Her eyes followed the motion of the dance, no sound was playing, but I could see her tail follow the motion of the moves. I hit play on the video, and the sound of the video plays.
The sound of a phone vibrating is heard for a little while, followed by the merengue beats of congas drums, a male singer's voice is heard. Trumpets and a cowbell behind him are soon fallow by the sound of whistles. Another male singer's voice surprises Yoremedia. His joyous singing let the song's energy flow. The beeps and the piano makes her tap her foot, her tail now swaying to the rhythm. The congas drums make her hips awaken to the rhythm. It took control over her body. The beat of the song was passion. She could not understand the words, but the male singer's voice exuberated excitement to bring her to the dance floor to dance and show her moves. Before she knew it, she felt a paw on her hips. Looking down, she saw Gab`riel's right paw on her hips and his left now holding her right paw. He only said three words.
"Follow my lead."
Even with her being taller than Gab`riel, he could guide her. The way he moved mesmerized her. His hips sway and grinds against her own with the song's rhythm. His right-hand guided her hips to move with the beats of the drums, then Gab`riel would spin them both, still swaying their hip to the beat of the song. Gab`riel's legs would slightly bend, making Yoremedia follow him. Their bodies move to the rhythm of the song. The power Yoremedia felt from the beat of the drums was unlike anything she felt. It was as if Goddess of dance viletrona herself made the song. Gab`riel would spin while holding her paw and somehow would spin her. His move got faster and faster as the song's beat was ending, and with flare, Gab`riel spun Yoremedia. Her spin almost made her fall, but Gab`riel caught her by her back. The song had ended, and now both Yoremedia and Gab`riel stood holding each other as if the world belonged to them.
Yoremedia locked eyes with Gab`riel. She had never danced like that before or with a male that could take the lead. Her breath a bit ragged, she spoke.
"Can you show me more dances?"
Gab`riel only smiles and points to his right.
"Sure, But I think they want to dance with me too."
Yoremedia looked in the direction Gab`riel was pointing. The whole engineering room had stopped to watch the two dance. Some women were in a daze which Yoremedia could guess was done because of Gab`riel's swaying hips. Yoremedia wasn't looking forward to the reprimanding she would get for dancing while in uniform. She sighed, nothing she could do. Yoremedia turned to Gab`riel. She could see how happy he was now, less stressed. As if the pain that was eating him was lifted. Their gaze met Gab`riel smiled at her and said.
"Thank you. I needed that. It's been a while since I felt like a person."
His smile gets Yoremedia's heart racing "yea, the reprimand coming is worth that smile." she thought.
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Small startup here on top of a fulltime job. I feel like I'd benefit a lot from daily posts but also like I barely have enough time to get the work done. How does one produce enough marketable content & upload daily without instantly running out of content or running behind schedule? The startup is in design & marketing ironically.
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Pozdrav, zanima me da li fizičko lice ulazi u sistem PDV-a ako od svog rada (honorar, ugovor o delu, autorski ugovor ili ostali prihodi - frilenser, izdavanje stanova, kapitalna dobit) pređe prag od 6 miliona dinara, bez obzora što nije registrovan kao paušalac. Ja sam do sada bio ubeđen da je sistem PDV-a isključivo za pravna lica, plus preduzetnik, ali sad više nisam siguran. i kako to uopšte funkcioniše ako je fizičko lice u PDV-u? Hvala unapred i iyvinjavam se ako nisam na pravom mestu, ali uvek verujem da će ovakve stvari da zna bolje pravnik za porsko pravo nego knjigovođa.
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2022.01.26 08:59 cloctor 英国「军情六处」助中国火箭专家逃至美国 中国极音速武器资讯恐外洩

英国「军情六处」助中国火箭专家逃至美国 中国极音速武器资讯恐外洩


英国《每日快报》(Daily Express)报导,根据其消息来源,英国秘密情报局(Secret Intelligence Service)「军情六处」(MI6)协助一名中国籍飞弹科学家从北京辗转逃至美国。

这名科学家在中国发展极音速武器上扮演关键角色,他的叛逃将有助美国、英国进一步「反极音速飞弹」(hypersonic missiles)防卫计画。同时,中国可能需要两年时间大幅调整相关系统,才能使该科学家可能透露的情报失效。






极音速武器的速度超过5马赫(Mach 5),比起传统弹道飞弹,其发射滑翔载具更能追踪难以预测的轨迹,因此要拦截它将十分困难。

根据美国国防部2020年报告,2019年美国在这方面落后俄罗斯和中国;英国海军参谋长拉达金(Tony Radakin)1月初则证实,英国已经加入这场极音速竞赛。










消息来源补充,这名中国科学家曾在英格兰求学,是板球的狂热粉丝,比起啤酒更喜欢Jack Daniels威士忌。




MI5甚至公布了李贞驹的照片,指她受中国政府聘僱,以「克丽丝汀.李」(Christine Lee)之名在英国政治圈活动,试图影响国会议员。

此外,2021年12月英国MI6局长摩尔(Richard Moore)才强调,中国崛起属于MI6「单一最高优先处理」级别。


Yahoo 2022年1月26日 信传媒
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So I might be getting knocked down cause I took a Valium about 2 weeks ago and might have to try and find something to hold me over for a week or so and was Wondering does Methadone block Fentanyl?
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