Get ready this holiday season

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2021.12.02 00:09 rurlysrsbro Get ready this holiday season

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2021.12.02 00:09 DarkUrGe19 Wife of famed music executive killed in apparent Beverly Hills home invasion

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2021.12.02 00:09 f0rgot2die 20f [chat]

Hi I’m looking for someone to talk to :) u can ghost me after a few days idc lol I’m just bored rn :/
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2021.12.02 00:09 Covenant307 Skyrim in 2021

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2021.12.02 00:09 ShadowQween101 So... no servers have people actively doing price checks...

These are my offers. I want to know how much EACH account is worth. Thank you in advance to anyone that replies with a price they think is reasonable [EU]
Account 1 EU 24 6x5 Jean Diluc C1 Qiqi C1 Kokomi
Account 2 EU AR 48 7X5 Baal Klee C1 Mona Qiqi Jean Lost Prayers No username set on the account Guaranteed but low pity
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2021.12.02 00:09 Mokaslut Jellyfish World by Mokaslut, 2021

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2021.12.02 00:09 Strong_Pause Focused Mind, Powerful Mind

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2021.12.02 00:09 Mad_Scientist_Senku Skyward Pride vs Snow Tombed

Only just a few days after I finish getting Snow tombed to level 90, I pull Skyward pride and I feel like I wasted my resources. How much better is Skyward, I’m curious?
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2021.12.02 00:09 oalotfy An interesting title

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2021.12.02 00:09 NYCanonymous95 Her bio said “Who do you think would win in a fight, alligator or grizzly bear?”. I had a lot of fun with this one 😁

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2021.12.02 00:09 vindiansmiles why is Inca now starting with only 5 vills?

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2021.12.02 00:09 EYdf_Thomas Day 1 of my beer Advent calendar

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2021.12.02 00:09 swatilekha23 22F. Am I?

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2021.12.02 00:09 EffectElectrical5877 I love the active camo!

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2021.12.02 00:09 AdenShadows Those of you who left Best Buy and moved on to a better job, how did you do it?

[Vent] I used to work for Best Buy for 2 years back when it was fun and Hubert was CEO. My wife started working there after the company stared going to shit — and she's miserable. And therefore I am too.
She works merch and she's too exhausted from carrying fridges, stoves and giant TVs all by herself because "no one's available" to help.
She's tired of the shit schedule.
She's tired of warehouse not having decent heating/cooling.
And she's tired of not having enough energy at the end of the day to further her education and leave retail.
She's stuck in the retail trap.
We've all been there:
"I'm not good/educated enough to leave this place." "I guess I can try and grow to become management." "Well, the pay is okay. Other places pay worse and it's unlikely I'll find a 50k year job."
And then getting home and not having the energy to study something that would help her leave retail.
She gets home and has all this pent-up stress and it's interfering with our relationship along with her mental, physical and emotional health.
She has a degree in Business and a handful of independent courses and her dream is to find a work from home job to spend more time with our son and I.
To those who left for a better opportunity, what's your story and do you have any tips?
TLDR: Wife is miserable and feels trapped at best buy. It's interfering with her mental, physical and emotional health along with our family life. Any tips where she can find the opportunity to leave?
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2021.12.02 00:09 TheGamerPlayz05 Looking for Club members and To approve these maps! (Club name and tag Apex Predz #2gc9qqv9j) Join Club to help approve or DM me

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2021.12.02 00:09 Asleep-Fly6290 For the Panda Queen

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2021.12.02 00:09 KittenZephyr Outlaw Pass Questions

When do Outlaw Passes usually come out and will there be one for December 2021?
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2021.12.02 00:09 adashiel The top five Disney princesses

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2021.12.02 00:09 Gazelle-Illustrious Potion Pity pieces?

I'm currently grinding on Sherekand and wondering is every mob drops pity piece or is there a specific mob for that? Thanks
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2021.12.02 00:09 CamoDog2003 Ummm Idk how I did this lol

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2021.12.02 00:09 sandemonium612 ITAP A Trout with 2 Nymphs

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2021.12.02 00:09 doowopcartoons2 How do you write a Walking and Talking/Hang out a movie?

I'd like to write a Hangout movie for an animation screenplay contest. The script follows a high school sweetheart wandering the streets of the city at night at the height of the 2020 pandemic encountering many of the subcultures of the time from Trump supporters, to Antifa members, to crypto nerds. I see it as a combination of The Before Trilogy and Easy Rider.
My question do you write one? Like what is the structure of one, What are the elements that make them compelling? I'd like to write it.
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2021.12.02 00:09 annihilator5 Hey guys, this 2021 Toyota Highlander took come damage in a minor fender bender. Does anyone have a guess on how much they think repairs for this car should cost? Thank you very much in advance.

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2021.12.02 00:09 pork26 Rino's are just puppets of the Democratic party

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