We are here to recruit members born in October or allies willing to join the r/army_of_October

2021.12.01 23:43 Xxrguy321xX We are here to recruit members born in October or allies willing to join the r/army_of_October

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2021.12.01 23:43 Miri_CilliBatch6 Should I watch after season 8?

Look I’ve so far enjoyed all the seasons up till season 8. But I don’t know if I can go on now that my two favourite characters, the ones I mainly watched the show for, are gone- Lexie and Mark. I just didn’t see the point of killing them off like come on a hiatus from medicine would’ve worked but death? I like Jackson but I don’t know if I’m too engrossed with the other characters enough to continue. I just loved Lexie and without her Mark wouldn’t have coped. So do you guys think the later seasons are worth it?
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2021.12.01 23:43 BlekRAVEN What should i name this bad boi?

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2021.12.01 23:43 rcrvintage Wild 4K December Schedule Wallpapers for Desktop and Mobile

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2021.12.01 23:43 cazaaa11 Every time someone has voice chat in my game, my game crashes after about a minute. Any fixes?

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2021.12.01 23:43 JarekC Cracked LCD. Any common reasons?

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2021.12.01 23:43 ZoolShop Jan. 6 panel recommends contempt charges for Trump DOJ official

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2021.12.01 23:43 Quarantine722 Scatter grenade nerf incoming??

The patch notes state: “Moved Sundance's scatter grenade to detonate after first bounce to allow victims the chance to move away if they are thrown at low altitude”
Sounds like a nerf to me, why is this necessary? I’ve been grinding these grenade kills and am only at 950 after being a suicide bomber for 80+ games. I don’t see how scatters need a nerf at all, if anything I expected a buff.
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2021.12.01 23:43 catherinethemediocre On a rewatch of S3E4 Lion in the Meadow I noticed what Josh is reading when Ken and Logan walk in. It’s Crime and Punishment.

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2021.12.01 23:43 AlexisCexas Are all NPN transistors the same? Is there anything I should be aware of when choosing a type of transistor?

I'm new to electronics and I'm trying to do projects with simple circuits but I can't find the exact parts they specify in tutorials. A circuit schematic I'm looking at specifies B486 transistors but I only have S9014s. Should I worry about choosing the right transistors?
I also have the same question for op amps. Does it matter what kind of op-amp I use if they have the same pin out?
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2021.12.01 23:43 Particular_Fishing75 One month of hair regrowth from Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin B12 supplementation.

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2021.12.01 23:43 Alternative_Toe2115 New YouTuber Creating High-Quality Content on Green Technology

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2021.12.01 23:43 1rregular I was bullied by phantasmal force and would like to prevent that from happeing again.

Im a semi-new DM and I was running a dungeon were the party had to defeat an group of necrotic cultists. The party was going through the dungeon when they got to the final room. Once they got there the party had to fight tge leader who was a necromancer tiefling. The bard then casted phantasmal force on the tiefling where he was in a room full of ice spikes. He then proceeded to get spamlocked in the room for most of the fight as he kept failing the save. And them when he finally made the save. He was below half. NOT ideal. But atleast I can have the fight get intense know. The paladin then casted command which was to believe he was back in the room of ice spikes. I was confused as I thought. Was that legal? Everyone at the table then claimed to me it was an we had a bit of a debate about it, i then relented. So I was back to square one and my boss was back to getting spammed locked. He was then killed by the party stuck in the box.The party was happy so I dont mind too much but I was just wondering if that was legal? And what I can do to prevent that from happening again.
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2021.12.01 23:42 zen-dog- Boyfriend's sister's pregnancy

I was dating a boy and he came to me and said his sister was pregnant. He was so happy about his first nephew. I was just very sad. I came to realise I will never experience something like it. I have no brothers or cousins. My family is just... me. I cried a lot of times remembering the scene of he tolding me about his sister's pregnancy. How can a moment of such joy be so sad for me?
After a while he kind of broke up with me and I feel even lonelier.
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2021.12.01 23:42 ThanosGang6 I (17M) am getting separated from my girlfriend (18M)

The brisk rundown here is that my girlfriend is an exchange student from brazil, she can't afford to stay here for the 2nd semester, and my family can't afford to help, so she is going home jan 30.
All I want is some tips on how to maintain a long distance relationship, if there are any things we can do to keep it interesting/engaging, and whatnot. I really do love her and I want to try and keep us from falling apart to the best of my ability. So yeah if you have experience with this sort of thing I'd appreciate some help.
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2021.12.01 23:42 Benjour250 Seriously ( more in comments)

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2021.12.01 23:42 Atreyix Cable for subwoofer

Hey all,
Newb question but, all I have currently only have 18 gauge wire on hand. Would this be okay for a 250w 4ohm sub being wired about 1ft from the amp?
Any help? Thanks
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2021.12.01 23:42 AA_MasterLegend O11 vs O11 mini air

A few months back I built my PC using the o11 dynamic. Should I buy the o11 mini air and move all my parts to it? Or is it not worth the money? Is the temperature noticeably better?
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2021.12.01 23:42 jotazepp F30. Do you guys like red?

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2021.12.01 23:42 fargito1017 Quite a show

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2021.12.01 23:42 Novel_Pattern3617 Marketable Seymour Plushie

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2021.12.01 23:42 DeFo2 Issue claiming FM21 Prime Gaming

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2021.12.01 23:42 Rigid_50mm Leica MP / Summicron Rigid / HP5

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2021.12.01 23:42 M3ftii_ Best girl in sdr2?

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2021.12.01 23:42 lildogfido Walking away vs officially leaving

I walked away many years ago without looking back or regretting it at all. From time to time I have considered going through the hassle of officially removing my membership as many on this sub do. I feel though that by going through the process it actually lends credence to it when really it is all a bunch of BS. None of it is real. I am curious how others feel about this?
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