5i7fh kza92 88s6k es2rf 4d95e 4nsbb a7k7b zh3zf kyd6n s97dr b6yb2 46ah7 bh5re 7any2 z7f44 zf4sk eye42 5ss63 n79fk dbntz adth6 Snow globe repair |

Snow globe repair

2021.12.02 00:15 needmoredogs77 Snow globe repair

asking for my mother-in-law..anyone know of a snow globe repair spot in the GTA. It's an older snowglobe and the water has turned a brownish colour, no idea why. It appears to be sealed, there is no plug on the bottom to just drain and refill. Any suggestions...or if there is a better spot for this type of question let me know. thanks.
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2021.12.02 00:15 Ange_is_goofy Is this normal ? or should I get out while I can ?

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2021.12.02 00:15 MovingMoreMountains Ex-footballer Mohamed Aboutrika calls homosexuality a 'dangerous ideology' against the backdrop of the Premier League's Rainbow Laces campaign

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2021.12.02 00:15 sushispeak LF: DEX entries, Apriballs, Ability Capsule, Toxic Orb FT: 4IV Shroomish Breejects, Ability Patch, Life Orb, Lucky Egg, Some Evo Items/Stones

Shroomish are jolly, in a safari ball, and have 3 egg moves Also FT:Moonball, Fastball, Everstone, Destiny Knot Looking for Dex Entries.
Bastiodon Chimecho Clefable Spiritomb
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2021.12.02 00:15 stavoflav [Xbox][H] A Massive Spicy Store [W] Literally Any Interested buyers please, ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE

ALL prices are negotiable, plz feel free to shoot your shot I will not get angry at you. Also let me know if any of my prices are off! Thanks! Bodies: GL19 Striker TW Animus GP - 600
Lime Hotshot - 50
Decals: Elevation Striker Cobalt Mainframe - 3k
CC2 Striker Labyrinth - 1k
Striker Orange Exalter BP - no idea tbh
Striker BS Exalter BP - no idea tbh
CC1 Striker Pollo Caliente - 600?
Revival Striker Mondo Set - 3.5k
GE20 Tact Black Mondo - 300
Revival Tact Pink Mondo - 250
Revival Tact Grey Mondo - 100
Revival Tact Sky Blue Mondo - 100
OG Sweeper Suji Set (minus grey pink sb and lime, comes with extra og sweeper crim) - 4.5k
Sweeper TW Dominus: RLCS X - 2.5k
Sweeper Black Dominus: RLCS X - 1.5k
Sweeper Saffron Octane: RLCS - 1k
Sweeper Sky Blue Octane: RLCS - 1k
Sweeper Orange Octane: RLCS - 1k
Sweeper Grey Octane: RLCS - 1k
Sweeper Cobalt Octane: RLCS - 1k
Sweeper BS Octane: RLCS - 1k
Black Octane RLCS X - 1.35k
Black Fennec RLCS X - 850
Orange Yorebands - 600
BS Savage - 400
Ferocity BS Hex Tide - 450
Vindicator Scorer Octane: Kana - 50
Revival Scorer Crim Dragon Lord - 150
Scorer TW Streak Wave - 200
Sweeper Octane: Windblast - 150
Playmaker TW Fennec: Hardline - 200
Ferocity Octane: Gale Fire - 150
Ferocity Goalkeeper Octane: Gale Fire - 200
Turbo Grey, Lime, BS, Saff, FG, and Unpainted Kawaii - 150 for all?
Turbo Tact Orange Kawaii - 100?
OG Black Astaroth + two OG unpainted - 200 for all
OG Paragon Dominus: Dot Matrix - 50
OG Cobalt, Saff, and unpainted Breakout Type-S: Mobo + OG Crim, Scorer Pink Breakout Type-S: S’mored - 50 for all
GP20 Victor TW Heiwa - 100
BS Yorebands - 50
Tact Unpainted RLCS 21-22 - 100
Unpainted RLCS 21-22 - 50
Unpainted Fennec: Slimline - 50
Unpainted Octane: RLCS - 50
Wheels: OG High Tier Cert Painted Quimby Set - offer (ask for certs, includes Striker TW)
Mixed OG/PCC High Tier Cert Painted Reaper Set - 9.5k (ask for certs, includes OG Striker TW)
OG Sweeper Black Grimalkin - 2.5k
CC2 Tact Grey Voltaic - 1.5k
Striker Black Lowriders - 2k
Striker Black Vortex - 3k
Scorer Black Vortex - 1.5k
Exo Black Vortex - 500
Scorer FG Vortex - 500
Sweeper FG Vortex - 600
Exo Black Invader - 500
VR Black OEM - 1.1k
Sweeper Lime Sunburst - 1k
Scorer Crim Sunburst - 1.2k
OG Black Reaper - 950
PCC Tact TW Chakram - 600
Tact FG Decopunk - 400
Striker Orange Decopunk - 500
Striker BS Celestial - 300
Striker Crimson Celestial - 350
Striker TW Celestial - 650
Striker Cobalt Celestial - 350
Striker Pink Celestial - 350
Striker Saffron Celestial - 350
Striker Lime Celestial - 350
Revival Crimson Zombas - 500
Revival Aviator BS Zombas - 250
GG19 Sweeper TW Sante Fe - 300
Goalkeeper Bs Rivals - 100
VR BS Stern - 100
VR Purple Stern - 100
VR Purple Falco - 50
CC1 Show-off Chakram - 50
OG Scorer Kalos - 150 (goes well with champ decal)
GG20 Playmaker Sky Blue Finny + OG Unpainted Finny - 100 for both
GP18 Tact Orange Septem - 150
GP20 Sweeper Pink Septem - 150
GP20 Scorer Grey Septem - 150
OG BS Septem - 100
OG Unpainted Septem - 50
Scorer Black Ved-ava II - 150
46 Yin Yang Wheels - 1.2k (50%+ off)
Boosts: Sweeper TW Helios - 7k
Sweeper Purple Helios - 1.5k
Sweeper Pink Helios - 1.5k
Sweeper Sky Blue Helios - 2k
Striker Grey Helios - 2.5k
Tact FG Helios - 1.5k
Tact Grey Helios - 1.5k
Scorer Grey Helios - 1.2k
Scorer BS Helios - 1k
Scorer Cobalt Helios - 1.2k
Tact Black Anispray - 1.5k
Tact Purple Anispray - 1k
TW Standard - 900
Show-off TW Anispray - 350
2x Black Anispray - 300 each
Paragon Grey Blast Ray - 500
Sweeper BS Ambustion BP - 100
OG Scorer Unpainted Ninja Star - 50
GL21 Scorer Black Magic Missile - 150
GE19 Scorer Grey Tsunami Beam - 100
Juggler Crimson Thermal - 300
Striker Crimson Super Manga Bolt III - 250
2x Sweeper Lime Super Manga Bolt III - 150 each
Scorer FG Super Manga Bolt III - 100
2x BS, 2x FG, 4x Grey, 2x Lime, 3x Orange, 3x Purp, 2x SB Super Manga Bolt III - 1k for all
Trails: Striker TW Laser Wave III - 4k!
Sweeper Orange Laser Wave III - 350
Revival Aviator TW Zigzag - 300
GG20 Victor Saff EKG-OMG - 150
Flame Chain Set - 150
Pixel Pointer Set - 150
Sniper Saff, Victor Cobalt, Bs, Crim, and SB Rad Rock - 50 for all
Explosions: Select Favorites Grey Vampire Bat - 600
Tact Big Splash - 150
Big Splash - 100
Sniper Big Splash - 100
Scorer TW Light Show, 4x TW, Sweeper SB, Playmaker Crim, 2x Black, Crim, FG, Orange, Pink, 2x Purp, and Saff - 400 for all?
Antennas: Striker Lime Mage Glass III - 600
Scorer Grey Mage Glass III - 400
Paint Finishes: Pearlescent Matte - 150
Straight-Line - 50
Toppers: Black Foam Hat - 300
Scorer TW Drone - 300
TW Drone - 250
Baseball Cap (B) - 100 each
TW Chainsaw - 100
Black Derby - 150
Cobalt, Orange, Purp, SB, TW Devil Horns - 50 per, 100 for TW, 250 for all
2x TW Fez - 100 each
Black Fire Helmet - 100
TW Mariachi Hat - 150
Black Royal Crown - 150
TW Wizard Hat - 100
Banners: 3x Calculated - 50 for all
Blueprint, Blueprint II, Cold Sweater, Ghostbusters, Pigeon, Statesman, 3x Temple Guardian - 50 for all
3x Salty - 50 for all
Borders: 6x Crown + 2x Snowman - 150 for all
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2021.12.02 00:15 sebastian-is-here fuck precalculus 😘

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2021.12.02 00:15 Mean-Anywhere-528 Looking for a foreign ditto

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2021.12.02 00:15 Phatbass58 MyGov shows I have applied for a job... I didn't.

According to MyGov, I have applied for one job this period - I haven't actually applied for any. I'm assuming it's a hiccup in the system.
Has anyone else had a similar thing?
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2021.12.02 00:15 zhaam Got these two beautiful statues from my grandmother, I’m so in love with cats and Bastet, just wanted to share!

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2021.12.02 00:15 MyPastaIsMine Found this map at the Planetarium

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2021.12.02 00:15 Meg--Griffin [WTB] 2021 Morgans and Peace

Stocking up again. Here are my bids:
2021 S Morgan - $95 2021 P Morgan - $90 2021 D Morgan - $85 2021 Peace Dollar - $100 2021 O Morgan - $100 2021 CC Morgan - $120
Buying in all quantities. I need these prices shipped. Can pay in any way imaginable. No new sellers unless you’re willing to ship first/use middleman.
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2021.12.02 00:15 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.02 00:15 goosequacker Raid - ZEKROM - be fast

Code - 5871 0803 9258
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2021.12.02 00:15 Ashamed-Ice-6777 People who only like popular things can be just as obnoxious as hipsters

Hipsters get a lot of hate when they hate on things just because they are popular. Fair enough, just because something popular does not mean its bad or trash.
However, I think people who only enjoy popular things are just as obnoxious as hipster who hate on anything popular. They turn their noses down on anyone enjoys something different, yet can't handle having their own interests criticised.
For example, my family are the type to only like popular and mainstream music. I generally enjoy music like heavy metal, stoner rock (QOTSA). They mock me constantly, calling my music rubbish and saying that "only goths/weirdos listen to that sort of thing" and refuse to let me ever choose music at a party because they thing I am going to choose "that heavy crap" (not true, I know how to choose music based on the audience). Yet, if I criticise any popular artist they like, I get scolded and told not be rude and get a "Music taste is subjective" lecture.
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2021.12.02 00:15 Urmom______232 Ordered delivery

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2021.12.02 00:15 mimblezimble Hume's principle versus ZFC's axiom of extentionality

I must be missing the ball somewhere!
Allow me to explain.
Hume's principle:

Hume's principle or HP says that the number of Fs is equal to the number of Gs if and only if there is a one-to-one correspondence (a bijection) between the Fs and the Gs.
Now let's look at ZFC's axiom of extentionality:
The axiom of extentionality says that sets having the same elements are the same set.
Given any set A and any set B, if for every set X, X is a member of A if and only if X is a member of B, then A is equal to B.
Since the page on Hume's principle does not mention the axiom of extentionality, nor the other way around, it seems to me that they are subtly not the same things, in one way or another.
So, what did I miss?
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2021.12.02 00:15 dxrules03 As promised, here is the gear I used to take down the beast known as Karstaag.

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2021.12.02 00:15 KickCharacter Virgin Margarita Recipe??

Does anyone have a good recipe for virgin margaritas? I tried one I found online but it’s not tart at all 😭
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2021.12.02 00:15 angry_cactus Star Wars is more fun when no new movies are coming out

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2021.12.02 00:15 demodownloader TIFU by not listening to my gut and consequently being cheated on

Oh boy where do i start?
A year and a half ago my gf met this guy at her gym(we'll call him L). Chill guy but too loud for me to like him. She told me about him and I didn't even care. Like, you're allowed to have friends of the opposite gender. Even i have a female best friend who i hang out with/chat regularly. We've known each other for like a decade and gf hasn't had any problems with her yet (we'll call my friend J)
Over the next year they start hanging out more and more. This makes me uncomfortable. But i don't say anything. I don't w ant to be controlling. I don't want her to lash back at my relationship with J. So what if we only hang out if all the boys are around? It's the same as going for dinners every two weeks and hanging out almost every other day, right?
I was just happy my girlfriend finally had a good, dependable friend.
To be fair, they did invite me the first few times. But you can't expect me to leave work early just to hang out with a guy friend of my gf.
Anyways as soon as J finds out im uncomfortable, she keeps nudging me to do something about it. Maybe i should've listened to her the first time and the issue would have been solved. But me, being the conflict avoiding person i am, didn't listen to her. Besides, why stop my gf from hanging out with a friend? I trusted her a lot at this point.
About a year and two months in i decide to act on what J has been saying. That and my sister heard of the situation and was very....assertive about her opinions. Even the boys saw my mood take a dip. So i decided to confront my gf about L.
Thay went about as well as you would expect. She got angry and lashed back at me. Called me controlling and jealous. At this point she had oretty much been avoiding me all the time and our sex life was dead, so you know how much like shit i felt.
J was, at this point, convinced that she was screwing L. I didn't tell my sister about this or she would've fed my gf to her parrots (mean little fuckers)
Fast forward to five days ago. I decide we need to do somethinng special for our anniversary to bring back the spark in our relationship. I would plan a surprise party. For that i needed access to her schedyle for the week.
At least, that's what i tell everyone. It's not completely false. But i also wanted to know for sure. Cracking the password lock was easy (wipe it, let her unlock it and then put it back, hold it near a light to see where her fingers have been)
After a few trials and errors i managed it. And i also found a video they had made of having sex (thankfully not in our bed)
I'll spare you all the details. I kicked her out and she's living with L now.
Some positive things that came out if this - i know my friends are dependable. "The boys" have been checking up on me constantly. J has been helpful. My sister has taken over my apartment and schedule so I don't do something "stupid".
My bed has never felt emptier. Today we would've been together for three years.
So there kids. If you ever feel uncomfortable about something, talk to your partner about it. Communication is key.
Edit: I can't reply to everyone. Especially the top ones with so many replies because mine will be buried anyways. But i assure you i have read everything you have to say. Even the downvoted ones. I appreciate you taking your time and sharin your experiences to help me cope with this. Thank you <3
Also small update: one of the boys found this post and now they're coming over to stay every night for the next week so now i have 3 people to cuddle with.
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2021.12.02 00:15 prostisushi FT 5iv modest Feebas LF Scyther, Growlithe

As the title says. they were bred by me and in a Heal Ball
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2021.12.02 00:15 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.02 00:15 V4Kompany 😢😢

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2021.12.02 00:15 Nightwarper I have a project about The Crucible, I made this for it.

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2021.12.02 00:15 youmonstermusic First time making a synthwave track.

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