upgrade gpu or cpu?

"An application has requested more GPU memory than is available in the system. That application will now be closed." What does it mean? The most common cause for this issue is that the application exhausted the resources available to it in the GPU. It can also be caused by the application sending to the graphics card a command stream that ... Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hardwareunboxedJoin us on Floatplane: https://www.floatplane.com/channel/HardwareUnboxedBuy relevant products ...

2021.12.02 01:25 TagTeam8 upgrade gpu or cpu?

i’ve currently been playing a whole lot of battlefield even with the horrible state it’s in. However I have a lot of frame issues and am looking to upgrade, should I upgrade my GPU (GTX 1050ti) or my CPU (Rhyzen 5 1600 six-core). For either one which one would be the best upgrade without breaking the bank?
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2021.12.02 01:25 Sher-e-Mysore The original seal of Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi

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2021.12.02 01:25 friendofthebirds I started a new sub r/gesneriad. Where my African violet people at? Link in comments

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2021.12.02 01:25 Open_Reflection_2976 Hannahowo - Great body ... OMG

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2021.12.02 01:25 LUKAK0BR I do that all the time

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2021.12.02 01:25 seaweedbreeze Zekrom - my friend and I are adding 5 each. 2826 8968 1142 + 2335 0076 2988

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2021.12.02 01:25 KILFORD98 AirPod cheap alternatives? (UK BASED)

Anyone know of any cheap alternatives to AirPods? Don’t have to be same style as AirPod s but Aslong as they’re good quality and bluetooth wireless. I’m not buying airpods just cos of the fact the pair I buy will probably get dirty.
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2021.12.02 01:25 sovietmanlol Poland and its stolen territories(sorry bad resolution)

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2021.12.02 01:25 neocrazy_star How to prepare for mediation

I am 35, from India but I think the rules are almost same everywhere with some small differences. I have filed the complainant for divorce in 2017 and the final mediation will happen on 10th December. This much delay was because of the COVID pandemic and the family court was closed. During the counseling I asked her multiple times whether she would like to come back , but she rejected. We have a daughter 6 years old and for the last 2 years, I was not able to see my child as they will only bring the child to court. Also, several times, they don't come to the court and the court will postpone the case to a next date . All the times , I was present in the court. Unfortunately, the judge has been transferred to a new location during this period and a new judge is hearing the case now. Before I filed a prayer to the court asking permission to bring child to my home once in every two weeks, but nothing has been decided. The judge asked ex to bring kid to court when our case is called and she has done it 2-3 times. At that time, my kid was too young and she don't recognise me now.
Now the mediation lawyer asked her to bring the kid on 10th and the final agreement will be drafted on that day. She is asking for 600000 indian money and monthly child support and a fixed deposit in the name of the child. I doubt they can liquidate the deposit anytime as she is the mother. If I agree with this , she is saying she will allow me to see the kid once in a month at court. I doubt this also and sometimes they are saying this simply to get the money. I am not sure how I need to be prepared for this.
I have a lawyer and what they are saying that they don't have that much about involvement in mediation. He is asking me to sign the agreement and validate everything by myself and don't give time to her to approach her lawyer, otherwise they will again increase the amount. As per the lawyer I only need to file case of child visitation, if it is not decided in the mediation, but my wife is saying like it's a proof that o don't want to see the kid, otherwise I should have filed cases already. I don't know how to counter this. Actually I am a slow spoken type of person and can't really win a heated argument. Nothing will come to my mind at that time.
I am buying things for my daughter today including clothes , shoes , gold jewellery , and making chocolates at home. Not sure they will deny to give all these in the name of COVID. I am very much afraid this is the last time I can see my kid. Thanks for reading and sorry for my English. If anyone has any tips to prepare well for the mediation, that would be very much helpful.
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2021.12.02 01:25 GaryREHfan The City of Skulls

De Camp & Carter create a memorable character.
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2021.12.02 01:25 c27penn Google home alarm changes the alarm sound after snooze

I feel like I'm going crazy because I can't find anything about this issue online, but I setup my morning alarm to play a pandora station and it goes off like it should- but if I dare snooze the alarm it now switches to the default alarm sound. I've tried rebooting it and un and re-linking my pandora account. After the fact I can see that pandora is paused on my google home.
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2021.12.02 01:25 Doctor_Glasgow Ennui GO! #1554: Enough

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2021.12.02 01:25 jggarcia93 Creation of taco!

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2021.12.02 01:25 triple_stanley Not sure if it was intentional by the artist, but definitely reminiscent (and beautiful imo)

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2021.12.02 01:25 hellomrpenus2 Yess

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2021.12.02 01:25 Arzay_ [US - CA] [H] Mouse + mousepad bundle . M4 RGB , m42 rgb , GSR mouse pad , Artisan Hein Ninja fx Mousepad [W]

Hello! im looking to sell all of this as a bundle. 140$ shipped. The M4 and M42 are basically new with the M4 being stock and the m42 having grips and corepads. Grs and Artisan are both used condition.
Ask any questions if needed. Thanks !
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2021.12.02 01:25 ministeruwu I have a conspiracy on LHR

What if LHR is like an advertisement stunt. Hear me out if LHR was such a big deal why wouldn't we just all go to amd? They don't blow hashrates out of the water or anything compared to Nvidia.
It's like a used car salesmen saying "careful! This car has 160mph on the speedometer"
Everyone knows that eth loves memory and memory speed. LHR I believe Isn't slowing anything it's shutting of memory modules like a Ryzen 5 has 8 cores 2 cores shut off making it 6 cores vs a Ryzen 7 8 cores.(Check out Linus Tech Tips)
1070 8GB Gddr5 vs 580 8GB GDDR 5 ~same hashrate
3060 12GB vs 3060ti 8GB and the 3060ti wins (greater bandwidth both gddr6)
2060 super is still getting ~39MH at 6GB still. I don't think 12GB of memory is everything, but I think it's gotta be a stunt.
3060 LHR 20MH 3060 "partial Unlock" 32MH 3060 No LHR 49MH 3070ti 8GB no LHR 61MH
Isn't that almost double the LHR? My bet: LHR is shutting off memory modules. 12GB is for show. I don't think any program could ever utilize 12GB of it's vram
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2021.12.02 01:25 Awsomedude3432 Potential art theft. I got 3 images if you know the artist it would be cool if you could tell me

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2021.12.02 01:25 piemandotcom Bogus Construction No Parking signs 24th Ave btw Crescent and 24th St

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2021.12.02 01:25 waltregus12 What did you accomplish this year?

As my season comes to an end, tell me your victories! Small or large! I myself hit 300 ft quite a few times and during a tournament I threw 375! (Tournament strength is a real thing)
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2021.12.02 01:24 ffinkle i’m so tired

this is my first post on reddit, i feel like i don’t have anyone to turn to at the moment.
i’m tired of how exhausted i feel, i feel mentally and emotionally drained. i have 3 kids and a partner who doesn’t seem to give a shit about me or my feelings. i resent him so much because of how toxic and unloving our relationship has been for the past 8 years. i want to let it all go and enjoy being around him, but i can’t because of how hurt and upset i feel. after every argument, there is no apologies or heart to heart talks, just awkward silence. usually when i do apologize it’s still awkward and quiet. it just makes me resent him even more. even when everything is fine, he is either on his, phone, the computer or watching a movie in the room or living room. i don’t ever feel connected with him. there’s no affection, dates or anything.
we just had an argument and he said he’s dumb because he chose to be with me and have three kids with me.
while i’m sitting in my car breaking down, he’s probably laying in bed, on his phone, not giving a shit.
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2021.12.02 01:24 Heropon_VeryCool [USA - OR] [H] Many S1-S5 [W] 344, 358, 408, 410, WA

Good evening, all! I'm still looking to finish my S4 set, now my S5, and to start my WA set if anyone is trading em. All my cards are NA versions and I'd like to trade for those as well.
Cards with stars 🌟 I am holding on to for special offers. Other cards, depending on the trade, I'll consider 2:1 trades.
Trading only for now.
344 Rudy
358 Papi
408 Mabel
410 Label
Any US WA.
005 Kapp'n x2; 008 Timmy x3; 009 Digby x3; 010 Pascal x2; 013 Sahara; 014 Luna; 016 Lyle; 021 Portia; 022 Leonardo; 025 Al; 026 Renee x2; 028 Jambette; 032 Bluebear; 035 Deli; 037 Kabuki 🌟; 040 Gigi x2; 044 Shari; 045 Octavian 🌟; 047 Knox x6 (help, he is taking over); 049 Bonbon x3; 050 Punchy 🌟; 051 Opal; 052 Poppy 🌟; 053 Limberg; 055 Snake 🌟; 061 Tutu x2; 062 T-Bone x3; 064 Pudge x2; 065 Midge x2; 067 Flurry x2 🌟; 069 Bella; 070 Biff x2; 074 Cobb x2; 076 Jeremiah; 078 Roscoe x2; 079 Truffles; 080 Eugene; 081 Eunice x2; 083 Annalisa; 086 Chief x2 🌟; 088 Clay; 094 Cyrano; 096 Cole; 100 Walker
104 Labelle; 105 Copper; 108 Tommy; 110 Leila; 112 Don (bent); 113 Isabelle; 118 Poncho; 120 Ozzie (bent), 136 Egbert; 139 Blaire; 146 Rodney; 156 Gabi; 157 Moose; 158 Timbra; 171 Benedict; 174 Bettina; 178 Hugh x3; 180 Pecan x2; 183 Camofrog; 184 Anicotti x3 (2 bent); 190 Vesta; 194 Gladys; 196 Freya x2 🌟; 200 Rocket
201 Rover; 204 Pelly x3; 207 Mabel; 210 Cyrus; 212 Timmy; 213 Digby; 214 Don; 222 Miranda; 223 Del x2; 224 Paula; 230 Velma; 2331 Elvis; 232 Canberra; 235 Spork; 236 Freckles x2; 241 Hans x3; 244 Tangy 🌟; 249 Beardo; 251 Chester x3; 252 Merry 🌟; 254 Greta x3; 260 Tammi; 263 Gaston x2; 264 Marshall 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟; 270 Rooney; 275 Hamlet; 276 Astrid; 278 Dora; 279 Biskit x2; 281 Lyman x3; 282 Violet x2; 289 Boomer; 292 Baabara; 296 Soleil x2; 299 Francine 🌟
306 x2 Tommy; 310 Timmy; 312 Shrunk; 314 Gulliver; 315 Redd; 320 Mott x2;322 Rocco; 327 Penelope; 333 Lolly 🌟; 337 Queenie; 341 Melba 🌟; 346 Peewee; 361 Purrl 🌟; 365 Peggy; 369 Sylvia x2; 370 Jacques; 378 Barold; 394 Grizzly; Iggly x2
🌟S5SP for S5SP ONLY🌟
402 Timmy & Tommy, 404 Orville, 406 Blathers, 407 Celeste, 409 Sable
425 Sherb x5, 426 Megan x3, 427 Dom x3, 428 Audie x3, 429 Cyd x4, 430 Judy, 431 Raymond x2🌟, 432 Reneigh x3, 433 Sasha, 435 Tiansheng x3, 436 Shino🌟, 437 Marlo, 438 Petri, 439 Cephalobot x3, 440 Quinn x2, 441 Chabwick, 442 Zoe x4, 444 Rio x2, 445 Frett x3, 446 Azalea, 447 Rosewell x2, 448 Faith
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2021.12.02 01:24 sidnoway Engine made loud bang, lost power, and now doesn't want to stay running.

I was driving to work in my 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid, and I was waiting at a stop light, and as soon as I pulled away, the engine started back up and made a loud bang (like VVT-i rattle but much, much worse) and had a very noticeable decrease in horsepower. The engine was noticeably louder and soon after I had a "Check Hybrid System and Check VSC System" message come up, so I pulled over. I turned the car off and on again and the engine idled for a bit before the revs slowed and the engine stopped. I checked and found a P3190 code. I apologize if this post is better suited somewhere else but this car is pretty much all I have at this point.
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2021.12.02 01:24 Rizdominus Nugz. Some autos close to harvest.

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2021.12.02 01:24 SweetPhase12 WFL?

Me: R Albino Monkey
Them: Ice Golem
View Poll
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